National Award for the prestigious deceased soul!!!

Award is not just the word, it is the recognition of all talents that are exhibited by different people in their own field. One of such great Indian award to honor people of the film industry is the National Film Awards. Now, this is the 65th National Film Award to appreciate the people for unleashing their talents in a perfect way for the past year 2017. Shekhar Kapur, the International film director has announced the winners of National Film Awards of 2017. The Winners are selected by the Government selected jury…
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India wraps CWG 2018 with 26 golds!!

Highlights of Common Wealth Games 2018
This April gives the immense happiness to all the sports lovers, with a great entertainment and energetic views because of the Commonwealth Games 2018 which is also called commonly as Gold Coast 2018. Generally Commonwealth Game is an international multi-sport event which involves athletes of all Commonwealth nations. It is a place for all Commonwealth nations to unleash their nation’s top sports person’s talents. Commonwealth Games 2018 is held between April 4th to April 15th in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 71 nations have participated in the Commonwealth Games 2018 with the…
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Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth’s Busted

One common habit among us is, we blindly trust Ancestors words. These habits are widely followed by our Indians, yes! today the superstitious beliefs what we follow blindly is most probably what we learned from our parent or grannies. Come on !! Are you trying to say people who follow these habits are fools? No, definitely not, what’s our call is, instead of following them blindly why can’t you spend some time in understanding what is the actual reasons behind these mystery beliefs? Have you seen people who are scared of Black cats crossing…
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Mary Kom wins Gold for India in CWG 2018!!

Mary kom won gold medal in CWG 2018
The Indian Boxer, Mary Kom added yet another gold medal for our country in the prestigious Common Wealth Games 2018 in Australia. She won the gold medal in the 45-48 kg category. She defeated the Northern Ireland’s Kristina O’Hara 5-0 to claim the maiden yellow medal.  It’s really a critical and surprising matter of how a 35-year-old woman, who is the mother of three children still continues her passion for winning medals. The CWG gold 2018 is the latest collection in her trophy cabinet which already has an Olympic bronze…
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Vaiko’s nephew self-immolated for Cauvery

Vaiko's nephew self-immolation over cauvery issue
The sensational state issue has been roaming around our Tamil Nadu. Yes!! it’s about CMB (Cauvery Management Board) formation. As this April is started with the protests for this issue, many politicians, actors, media people and employees from other fields have given hands in the protest. However, everyone raising their voice, yet the solution to this problem has not been found. The Central refused to form the management board. Vaiko’s nephew self-immolation: Now, as a shocking news, the MDMK’s leader Vaiko‘s nephew, Saravana Suresh has attempted suicide by setting himself…
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5 simple ways to battle Chennai’s heat

5 simple ways to battle Chennai's heat
Currently, each and every person is suffering from hot temperature. Especially the people of Chennai is experiencing this hot temperature highly. We all know the term Global warming, which is more often related to Sunny climate. What is actually Global warming? Global warming is generally termed as the increase in the average temperature which results in sunny weather. This global warming is directly connected with the GreenHouse effect, which is the man-made destruction of our atmosphere. The primary source of global warming is due to the release of greenhouse gases. These…
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CBI on BJP MLA Kuldeep regarding Unnao rape case!!

Unnao rape case
In the past year, an 18-year old woman has been raped by the four-time lawmaker(Kuldeep) and his brothers at Unnao. The CBI now booked the BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar under this rape case. Earlier this case has been investigated by the UP’s special investigation team. Now the CBI team started the move of MLA from his residence at Indira Nagar to the CBI’S headquarters at Hazratganj office in Lucknow. They also ordered the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to hand over all the documents and evidence related to this rape case. As…
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The cool BJP MLA’s eats sandwiches during rapid protest!!!

The cool BJP's MLA eats sandwiches in the rapid protest
During the party’s long-day-protest at the Pune Council hall which is held on Thursday, the lethargic cool MLA’s eating snacks. The attached video shows that the BJP’s MLA Bhimrao Tapkir and Sanjay Bhegade eating sandwiches and burfi during a meeting called by an honorable state minister. This becomes an issue because weeks before BJP members shared the still of Congress leaders eating a type of channa known as chole bhature in their fast protest. Is that a protest or park? MLA’s aren’t serious yet!!!  
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5 Best fitness trackers you can buy right now!!

Top 5 fitness tracker that you can buy right now
Being fit and healthy is more important than anything. To keep you and your health fit, you ought to know about fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are nothing but as it names says it tracks the fitness of your body and its health. The best part in these fitness trackers is, they are just a wearable device like watch and bracelets. Fitness trackers can monitor person’s activities like their daily step count, heart rate, sleep and other activity levels. Each fitness tracker is internally connected or monitored by a mobile application.…
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5 Great ways of using Snapchat for your Business

Snapchat for business
In this mobile world, applications are the ruling partner. Among those,  Snapchat is one of the best social messaging application. Earlier it is more popular in North America and Europe. But, now it is running all over the world, and widely used by all people. It attains its visibility because of its stunning add-ons features. It was introduced in late 2011 and has rapid growth. Snapchat is a social media platform where users can share raw or adorning photos, videos, and messages which is termed as Snaps to others. The Snapchat…
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