Reason behind Top 8 Indian Myth’s Busted

One common habit among us is, we blindly trust Ancestors words. These habits are widely followed by our Indians, yes! today the superstitious beliefs what we follow blindly is most probably what we learned from our parent or grannies. Come on !! Are you trying to say people who follow these habits are fools? No, definitely not, what’s our call is, instead of following them blindly why can’t you spend some time in understanding what is the actual reasons behind these mystery beliefs? Have you seen people who are scared of Black cats crossing…
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Mary Kom wins Gold for India in CWG 2018!!

Mary kom won gold medal in CWG 2018
The Indian Boxer, Mary Kom added yet another gold medal for our country in the prestigious Common Wealth Games 2018 in Australia. She won the gold medal in the 45-48 kg category. She defeated the Northern Ireland’s Kristina O’Hara 5-0 to claim the maiden yellow medal.  It’s really a critical and surprising matter of how a 35-year-old woman, who is the mother of three children still continues her passion for winning medals. The CWG gold 2018 is the latest collection in her trophy cabinet which already has an Olympic bronze…
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Vaiko’s nephew self-immolated for Cauvery

Vaiko's nephew self-immolation over cauvery issue
The sensational state issue has been roaming around our Tamil Nadu. Yes!! it’s about CMB (Cauvery Management Board) formation. As this April is started with the protests for this issue, many politicians, actors, media people and employees from other fields have given hands in the protest. However, everyone raising their voice, yet the solution to this problem has not been found. The Central refused to form the management board. Vaiko’s nephew self-immolation: Now, as a shocking news, the MDMK’s leader Vaiko‘s nephew, Saravana Suresh has attempted suicide by setting himself…
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