5 Great ways of using Snapchat for your Business

Snapchat for business
In this mobile world, applications are the ruling partner. Among those,  Snapchat is one of the best social messaging application. Earlier it is more popular in North America and Europe. But, now it is running all over the world, and widely used by all people. It attains its visibility because of its stunning add-ons features. It was introduced in late 2011 and has rapid growth. Snapchat is a social media platform where users can share raw or adorning photos, videos, and messages which is termed as Snaps to others. The Snapchat…
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Why it is not advised to use the website builders?

In current days, a small business or a big business everyone is having a website. Yes!! websites became the initial entry level for any Business. Also, a website is the best marketing tool for a Business. As websites are started to use by all, an advancement many online website builders have been introduced. Note-93% of purchase starts with a search engine result. Websites have many advantages which are the reason for being very important for Businesses. It is less expensive, termed as the best advertising component, easy to reach, user-friendly,etc., Now,…
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Whatsapp Business | Trade in messenger application

The most widely used application in this mobile world is Whatsapp, now this application has launched a new enhanced application known as WhatsApp Business. It works similar to the Whatsapp messenger, but it is a standard and separate version of Whatsapp. The main purpose of this Whatsapp Business is it connects Businesses and customers, unlike Whatsapp that connects friends and family. Its logo has been similar to the WhatsApp but here the green bubble is occupied by the letter B instead of calling symbol. Features of WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp business has…
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SERP | How does it related with website’s SEO

SERP | How does it related with website's SEO
Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is generally the first page of any search results. They are the web pages which are served to users when they search anything in online using a search engine, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. The legendary search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., will rank every website depends on that website quality and SEO (search engine optimization) promotions. Usually, we receive Search results in 2 ways, one is Organic results and the other is Paid results. The results are usually ranked by relevance to the user…
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Does content length matter your page ranking and conversion?

Content is the real king, there is nothing without content in today’s world. The main goal for everybody is to gain the search engine traffic, one such thing which helps in attaining traffic is SEO content. Content has the ability to attract and convert the strangers to visitors and later convert the visitors into loyal customers. Why is content a king in SEO? Yes!! content is a king because it helps to expose your knowledge or services in wordings, which is easy to understand by all, Which builds up a…
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What is Quality score? How does it related with website?

how important is quality score
Quality score is the variable which determines the quality of your keywords, Ads, and website. It is marked by various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, available with a different name. It ranges from 1 to 10. Among all search engines, it is greatly used in Google. It increases your Google’s ranking depending on the relevance of your Pay-per-Click (PPC) Ads. It is the aggregated estimation of the quality of your Ads and keywords, which also says your ad rank. Google’s rating and ranking: The Google’s rating or ranking purely depends upon the click-through-rate.…
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WordPress | Advantages of using this leading edge web builds

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) tool, which is the currently fast-growing CMS software. It is an online and free tool. It is a mature and simple product used for creating blogs and building websites. Initially, WordPress is a site which allows you to create best user experience blogs but as an advancement, developers upgraded the site where now the users can build complex websites.Thus it becomes the greater CMS tool. This site is completely based on the PHP and MySQL language. Web hosting in WordPress is totally free. Why should you…
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Ad extensions | 5 best extensions of Google Adwords

Adwords is the legendary online advertising service tool. It is also the giant tool in usage by all marketers. Adwords are completely based on the keyword which is partly called as Adwords extensions. How important Adwords is? Yes!! it is a tool which offers users to gain traffic through clicks against payment per click. As the Google AdWords Campaign comes with assured business and traffic, so with the effective use of this, the business can be driven by early profit-earning revenue. The main important thing as it is the product of the Google, which…
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6 best usage of colors by Top Brands

Colors are the one which plays a vital role in product or service branding selecting a color for your business is one of the most difficult tasks. The color is meant to attract consumers than anything. Is it? Yes!! because human’s visual perception works before all other senses. Each color symbolizes a significant thing in the marketing perspective. People associate colors with different emotions and meanings. How important are the colors of your Branding? The color of your brand is an essential character in your brand’s story. Yes!! it makes your brand…
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Explainer video | 5 Reasons why you need them for your Business

Explainer video
Each and everyday people in the market look for new opportunity to boost up their Business revenue. There are a lot of marketing strategies which stand as a great helping hand in increasing your sales, among them ” Explainer video ” concept is something quite interesting and a crispy one. What is an explainer video? An explainer video is a short introduction video or teaser video explaining an idea or a product. It mainly focuses on explaining the Business goals and services in a simple, engaging and captivating way. The important…
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