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Vaiko’s nephew self-immolated for Cauvery

Vaiko's nephew self-immolation over cauvery issue
The sensational state issue has been roaming around our Tamil Nadu. Yes!! it’s about CMB (Cauvery Management Board) formation. As this April is started with the protests for this issue, many politicians, actors, media people and employees from other fields have given hands in the protest. However, everyone raising their voice, yet the solution to this problem has not been found. The Central refused to form the management board. Vaiko’s nephew self-immolation: Now, as a shocking news, the MDMK’s leader Vaiko‘s nephew, Saravana Suresh has attempted suicide by setting himself…
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CBI on BJP MLA Kuldeep regarding Unnao rape case!!

Unnao rape case
In the past year, an 18-year old woman has been raped by the four-time lawmaker(Kuldeep) and his brothers at Unnao. The CBI now booked the BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar under this rape case. Earlier this case has been investigated by the UP’s special investigation team. Now the CBI team started the move of MLA from his residence at Indira Nagar to the CBI’S headquarters at Hazratganj office in Lucknow. They also ordered the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to hand over all the documents and evidence related to this rape case. As…
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The cool BJP MLA’s eats sandwiches during rapid protest!!!

The cool BJP's MLA eats sandwiches in the rapid protest
During the party’s long-day-protest at the Pune Council hall which is held on Thursday, the lethargic cool MLA’s eating snacks. The attached video shows that the BJP’s MLA Bhimrao Tapkir and Sanjay Bhegade eating sandwiches and burfi during a meeting called by an honorable state minister. This becomes an issue because weeks before BJP members shared the still of Congress leaders eating a type of channa known as chole bhature in their fast protest. Is that a protest or park? MLA’s aren’t serious yet!!!  
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Vinayagar to Amman | Is this true?

rayapuram temple
We always get at least one surprising news everyday morning while turning Newspaper or while watching the news channel. Yes!! today’s surprising news is A Vinayagar statue has been turned into an Amman’s face in the Valampuri Vinayagar temple near royapuram. This is a surprise to all of us. The Ganapathy temple has been for about 25 years and the vinayagar statue has never been changed once in a while. But, yesterday around 7.15 p.m. a flower vendor woman had found the change on the deity’s face. After she said,…
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IPL Ban by political parties

As everyone waited for the big celebration (Indian Premier League) on April 10, 2018, now the political parties in Tamil Nadu have requested to not to conduct IPL. At first, they have requested and now they posting t as an order. We know that the political parties are the important officials in Tamil Nadu and their support is more important for each and every event. The political parties like Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam, Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi (TVK), Viduthalai Thamizh Puligal Katchi, Thamizhar Vidiyal Katchi and Social Democratic Party of India have strictly announced the…
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Even CSK practice session brought huge fans

CSK practise session
This year April going, to begin with, all cricket fan’s happiness,  Yes!! the day (7th April 2018) where CSK (Chennai Super Kings) would kick-off Mumbai Indians on the ground. A blissful thing is that the practice session of our CSK players which is started on 22nd March 2018. But it does not like a practice match but more than that been a celebration, watched and enjoyed by most of the CSK fans. This is the first time where even during the practice session the stadium was filled with fans. This…
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All India Institute of Medical Sciences is now at Tanjavur

AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Sciences) branch location has finalized by Tamilnadu Government.Edappaadi K.Palaniswami suggested Sengipatti (about 20km southwest of Thanjavur) in a memorandum. He directly submitted to Prime minister Narendra Modi. On Thursday in the state assembly, this issue is figured out. Deputy leader of opposition S.Duraimurugan announced on the final day of the budget session. He said the state government recommended for Sengipatti for AIIMS.Whatever the place the state don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to have AIIMS in Tamilnadu said By DMK Party leader. Duraimurugan Said “ we…
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Anna Hazare begins his non-violent resistance

After seven years, the social activist Anna Hazare is set to go on a hunger strike again. He had succeeded hunger strike in 2011 for demanding about the case of corruption. Like the last strike, the same iconic location, Ram Lila Maidan going to have another hunger strike on Friday. This time he targeted to the Narendra Modi (BJP) Government. Anna Hazare has been pressing for setting up the Lokpal and Lokayuktas in states. Hazare’s previous works: Previously Anna Hazare has accused the UG(Union Government) for not appointing Lokpal to…
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Thiru vi ka bridge under surveillance by chennai corporation

The Greater Chennai Corporation locking a small steel gate on Thiru Vi Kaa bridge. The river area enables miscreants to roam around because of an open gate. Some people take advantage to dispose of trash along the river bund. Also, the new bridge, which runs extend to the old bridge, has been made off-limits for motorists. To prevent trespassing, both sides of the old bridge are closed with brick walls and also installed a steel gate by Corporation officials. The gates will be opened only for VIP. However, we can…
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The last white male rhino has died today in Sudan

white rhino
The last white male rhino has died today in Sudan The world’s last male northern white rhino is now no more.Yes!! The 45-year-old Sudan has died today(21/03/2018) due to ill health. Sudan’s ill health: Sudan was born in 1943, lived at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. Sudan’s age is equivalent to 90 in human years, was the last survived male of the rarer variety after the natural death of a second male in late 2014. Samuel Mutisya, head of conservation at Ol Pejeta Conservancy said about giant white rhino,…
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